Rat & Mice Control

What You Need To Know About Our Mice, Rat Removal Services

Many people have a fear of rodents, especially when they are spotted inside their residences. These vermin are not exactly friendly and they can cause a lot of damage to building structures. The key to preventing this from happening is professional mice, rat removal services. We utilize a variety of treatments and extermination methods to eradicate rodent infestations. Our goal is to help home and business owners regain control of their properties as soon as possible. We also strive to ensure our customers that the rodents will not return in the future.

What Is Mice Removal Services?

When it comes to eradicating mice and rat infestations, we always start with a customized treatment plan. Each infestation and home is unique, calling for a plan with unique treatment methods. To get the quickest and most effective results, we typically combine multiple treatments into a single plan. We utilize traps and poisons to eradicate mice and rats. Once the rats are completely eradicated, we follow up with repellents to deter other rats from accessing your home.

What Are The Signs Of A Rat Infestation

It is important for all Houston homeowners to know the signs of a rat infestation. While no one wants to even think of rats invading their home, it is a common problem in big cities, such as Houston. Everywhere rats go, they leave telltale signs of their presence. These signs include fecal droppings and damaged building structures, food containers and other items. To gain access to food, rats will gnaw through walls, floors and cardboard, as well as plastic bowls and paper boxes.

Another sign of a rat infestation is gnawing and scratching sounds. When rats are trying to access a home, they will often work throughout the night. While these rodents try to avoid detection, they can stir up quite a fuss trying to access a home and food. If you hear scratching and grinding noises after dark, it is probably rats trying to get into your home. And, do not think that these noises will stop once they finally do gain access into your home.

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To eradicate severe rat and mice infestations, it will require the professional services of a licensed exterminator. Our company hires some of the most qualified exterminators in the industry. Our exterminators will work with you to customize a treatment plan that is suitable for your home, infestation and budget. Call us today to schedule your free in-home inspection.


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