Things You Need To Know About Bed Bug Treatments In Houston

Bed Bugs are tiny insects – approximately half a centimeter in length – that leave a devastating mess everywhere they go. If a bed bug is goes undetected in an area for more than a few days, it will work diligently to cause as much damage as possible. It is true that anyone can become a target of a bed bug infestation. However, some people are at a higher risk than others. These individuals include frequent travelers, college students and nursing home residents. If you discover a bed bug infestation in your home or business, you will need to act quickly. Below, you will discover a list of treatment options that have shown to be effective in treating bed bug infestations.


Many professional exterminators will often combine several treatments together to more effectively combat a bed bug infestation. One of the most common secondary treatments is known as a trap. This product contains glue that is very sticky. When bed bugs access the trap, they will become trapped in the glue. Bed bug traps are available in a variety of sizes, but for homes with a severe infestation, the extra-large size will work best. The larger the trap, the more bed bugs it can capture, before it needs to be replaced.

If you choose to tackle your bed bug infestation alone, you can purchase traps from just about any big box store. Bed bug traps are very effective and affordable. However, in order for them to be effective, they need to be combined with other treatments.


A pesticide is a very commonly used bed bug treatment in Houston. This product contains chemicals that will eradicate bed bugs quicker and more effectively than other treatment options. There is a broad range of pesticides on the market, including standard and commercial grades. One thing is for sure you will need to research these brands, before making a final purchase. Not every manufacturer utilizes high-quality and pure ingredients, which means their pesticides will not be as effective as competitor brands.

While bed bugs are known to carry diseases that are harmful to humans and animals, they can cause devastating damage to household items, such as beds, upholstery furniture, carpet, walls and floorboards. The key is to eradicate these insects, before they can cause extensive damage in their living environment. One way to do this is with commercial-grade pesticides.

Heat Treatment

An effective bed bug treatment in Houston is heat. This form of treatment utilizes heat to eradicate bed bugs living in a business or home. While heat machines are available on the market, it is always in the homeowner’s best interest to hire a professional exterminator for this treatment. In order for the treatment to be effective, the machine must produce a temperature inside the home of at 113 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature must be maintained for up to 15 minutes to eradicate most or all of the bed bugs living in the home.

Heat is a very effective treatment for both mild and severe bed bug infestations. When this treatment is being administered, all pets and humans must be out of the home.

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