What Any Good Bed Bugs Exterminator In Houston Wants You To Know

If you have ever dealt with a bed bug infestation, you probably already know that knowledge is power. In order to completely remove an infestation and prevent future infestations, you really need to be armed with the right knowledge. Most people just jump at the thought of bed bugs and run in the other direction, but this could be the wrong action to take. Maybe you want to just resolve the issue as soon as possible, which leads you to running out and buying expensive foggers that could only spread the infestation. This why the pros want you to be aware of some certain tips and techniques that could potentially help you.

Don’t Switch Sleeping Habits

The reason that bed bugs are called bed bugs is because they like to infiltration your bedroom and adapt to your sleeping habits. If you sleep during the night, they will come out and feed on your during the night. If you sleep during the day, they will change the habits and feed on you during the day. This is one of the features that make bed bugs incredibly hard to detect. When most individuals suspect that they are infected with bed bugs they will change their sleeping patterns by moving to spare rooms in the home or sleeping during the day instead of the night. Whatever changes you make it really won’t matter. These bugs are completely adaptable and will just follow you from room to room, which could just potentially spread the infestation.

As bad as it sounds, your best option is to continue sleeping in the infested room.

Don’t Stay With Friends Or Family

Any good bed bugs exterminator in the Houston area will tell you right away that it is a huge mistake to run to your friends and family’s houses. This will almost have the same effect as changing sleeping room in your home. Not only are these bugs completely adaptable to a variety of situations, but also they can embed themselves in your clothes, luggage, and bedding. If you try to escape to your friends or family’s home there is a good change that you could just potentially infect them, which is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Don’t Throw Everything Away

If you suspect that you are dealing with bed bugs you don’t have to tackle the issue by throwing all your belongings away. This would not only be expensive, but it would be impractical. In fact, there is a good chance that you might be able to salvage your furniture and clothes. Heat is the number one killer of bed bugs and washing or drying your clothes or bedding on a high heat setting has the potential to eliminate these pesky critters. Along with this, placing infected clothes or bedding on the sidewalk only increases the potential of spreading the infestation or bringing it right back into the home.

It Doesn’t Matter How Clean You Are

Most homeowners make the assumption that only dirty houses develop bed bugs. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case, as bed bugs do not really discriminate. They are only looking for a meal and will infest any home. Sure, a cluttered home will provide more hiding spaces and rise the potentials for an infestation, but bed bugs have been found in some of the cleanest home throughout the world.

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