Searching for the Bed Bug Exterminator Houston Relies on for Ultra-Effective Bed Bug Control?

We’re the #1 Bed Bug Treatment in Houston because, when it comes to bed bug treatment experts, we always live up to our reputation!

The Houston Bed Bug Treatment That Always Works

Bed bugs are an epidemic and we’re on the front line, helping our customers fighting bed bug infestations in Houston, Texas. It may sound dramatic, but, if you’re reading this, you know from experience how desperately needed a bed bugs removal operation may be when you’re dealing with an infestation.

The good news is that we don’t do bed bug guesswork. Out of all bed bug exterminators near you, we’re the sharpest because we know exactly where to find them and how to end them. It’s not by accident that you find our services whenever you google for “Bed Bug Removal Houston”—it’s because the satisfaction of our past clients with our bed bug exterminator services and treatment methods is unparalleled.

How We Carry Out the Bed Bug Extermination Houston Needs

  • We know that Houston bed bugs hide in plain sight and sometimes more discreetly
  • In our bed bug inspections, we look in box springs for bed bugs signs and other marks of their presence
  • Cracks and crevices and bed bug bite signs are also on our radar as we try to spot signs of bed bugs
  • Once we know the kind of infestation we’re up against, we may choose eco-friendly heat treatments, conventional treatments, steam treatments, or a cryonite treatment—essentially, the one we know for sure that kills bed bugs in the specific situation we find
  • We have the most advanced and effective bed bug treatments in Houston, which means your peace and quiet at home are about to be restored

The bottom line is: bed bugs treat humans as food sources and DIY bed bug treatments never work. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, call the bed bug specialists you need to get the job done!

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Want to know the full range of pest management solutions we offer in Houston, Texas? This is a full list of pest extermination services we’re known for offering:


Ant ControlAnts of any kind, including fire ant colonies, have a survival rate of zero whenever we apply our ultra-effective ant treatment.

Bed BugsOf all types of pests we get calls about, nothing enters the epidemic category as bed bug infestations do. While some online advice shared by some blogs prevents pests if used for very mild situations, that doesn’t work for bed bugs. Whether they’re a home pest or commercial pest, depending on where they’re presenting themselves, bed bug control is a task for professionals. DIY bed bug treatments, but our bed bug heat treatments do. Remember: you can’t really prevent bed bugs from appearing but you can have someone like us professionally getting rid of bed bug nightmares. Call us and you’ll soon be sleeping well again!

BeetlesWe’re the bug exterminator in Houston that annihilates any beetles in sight if they come near your place. Keep in mind that we offer residential and commercial pest control services, so we can control beetles wherever they show up.

Box Elder BugsWe’re the exterminator Houston calls whenever box elder bugs create problems. Why? Because they will no longer be around after we deploy our pest control solutions.

Carpenter AntsAll extermination companies heard about them, but only a few know how to effectively end them. We’re one of these few, so give us a call if they are around to trouble you.

Carpenter BeesIf you don’t have a proper pest maintenance program, you risk having a pest problem and carpenter bees will likely take the stage in this scenario. As the company that likely drives the most traffic for “Pest Control Houston” queries online, we’re being asked to deal with carpenter bees all the time.

CockroachesWhenever someone is looking for an exterminator in Houston, they’re likely looking for a cockroach exterminator. Understandably, if you come across a German cockroach, you’ll be screaming for cockroach control. Happily, you don’t have to scream—just call us for help!

EarwigsThey’ll get you looking for a bug exterminator near you once you see them around. We perfectly know how to extinguish them, so we’re here for you!

FleasOur flea control and tick control treatments are always completely effective in killing these bugs.

Fly Control—These are so all over the place, that conventional bug treatments won’t work. That’s why we invite you to call Houston’s pest control pros to make them disappear.

LadybugsPerhaps you won’t have a bug bite from them, but they’re still a common Houston pest and a nuisance. Call us to have our pest control treatments applied to them as well.

Rodent Control Mice & Rats are responsible for a lot of phone calls that Houston Pest Control services get every day. That’s certainly our case, which is why we offer laser-targeted rodent exclusion and rodent removal services. Yes, when it comes to rat control and pest control in Houston, we’re always here to help!

Occasional InvadersCrickets, Pillbugs, Centipedes, Silverfish, and Cluster flies will frequently get people looking for exterminators near their homes to deal with these pests. Luckily, our quality pest services are perfectly designed to eliminate these occasional invaders in no time.

Overwintering PestsA very common type of pest that won’t go away without a professional pest control solution. We have just the method to eliminate them, so you can call us for help with this type of bug.

Pantry PestsWe’re a reputed pantry pest control company, which means we know our way around ending Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, and Cigarette Beetles for good. We have an extensive history as exterminators in Houston, TX who have successfully dealt with these pests time and again, over the years.

Spiders and Black WidowsFrom the most harmless to the considerably dangerous, knowing that there are spiders around won’t let you sleep properly. Our spider control protocol serves Houston, and it’s a tried and tested treatment plan that leads to a complete spider and bug extermination outcome.

Stinging InsectsYellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornet, or Honey Bees can put a strain on you and your family when they’re around. A stinging insect attack is a common pest concern for any household dealing with these bugs. If you’re in this situation and require stinging insect control in Houston, TX, you’ll like to know that we have specific bee removal and wasp control services.

Stink BugsThese insects require a detailed bug control that keeps their characteristics in mind. As an experienced Exterminator in Houston, a control plan for stink bugs is a typical service that people ask us to provide.

Mosquito ControlWe’re at the top bug extermination services in Houston and the surrounding areas offering an insect treatment plan for mosquitoes.

Termite Control Our termite control services consist of multiple treatments, including the environmentally friendly Termidor liquid, dry foam and Sentricon bait treatment options. We’re the best performing Houston Pest Control service resolving termite infestations in the area.

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Free Quote & Inspection

All our bug extermination services always start with a thorough inspection—that is free of charge and comes with no strings attached. We only recommend a technical pest management intervention when we find a pest issue that needs to be handled, and we dedicate all the time that you need for questions and answers during this inspection.


If you’re worried about protecting your home from pests, our pest treatments cost little compared to the damage that pests can cause. If you look at the prices charged by different Houston Pest Control Experts and how other less than thorough services compare to what we do, our prices for treatments for homes and businesses are the best available on the market, in terms of pest treatments in Houston.

Safety First

As a leading pest control service in Houston, we’ve also built a reputation of responsibility and prudence over the years. All our pest control plan offerings are completely safe for you and your family, and also for your workers, given that our integrated pest management services are available for residential and commercial spaces.

Adjusted to Your Schedule

In terms of hours of operation, we’re flexible and committed to accommodating them to your needs and challenging schedule. We know that your daily routine already carries a lot of pressure, so we just make sure that the pest exterminator services that you need from us are provided in line with your availability and time preferences.

Licensed and Insured

We’re one of the few pest control companies that actually cares about regulations. We’re locally owned, and we comply with any applicable laws and technical requirements for pest solutions and pest prevention services. We’re also fully insured, meaning that, should any unpredictable incident occur during one of our home pest control or commercial pest control interventions, we have a solid insurance that also protects you and your assets from that angle.

Call us at (832) 271-4061

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