Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Characteristics For Identification Purposes

Have you just come across a colony of insects on your property? If so, there is reason to be concerned since the insect species are unidentified. You must ask yourself, what unique characteristics do these insect species have that can be utilized for identification purposes. There are several key features to be on the lookout for when attempting to identify a pest. These include the head, legs, body, color, and antennas. Fortunately, all insect species are identifiable with a bit of research. Even if your knowledge of insects is lacking or nonexistent, you can capture a picture of the insects and compare it with similar options on the Internet.

Carpenter ant identifying characteristics include a tri-segmented body, six legs, two elbow-shaped antennas, mandibles, and reddish/black, 1/8” to ½” length, solid black, or reddish/brown coloration.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of A Residential Carpenter Ant Infestation?

  • Live Sightings – Live ants foraging for food on a countertop, kitchen floor, garbage can, and sink
  • Visual Sightings – “Frass,” sawdust, piles in areas where carpenter ants gnaw on wooden structures
  • Audible Sounds – Worker carpenter ants busy at work can be heard through walls
  • Swarming Insects – “Swarmers,” carpenter ants with wings, flying over food on a countertop, sink, garbage can, or stove

Why Did Carpenter Ants Invade My Home?

Carpenter ants are notorious for damaging vulnerable wood structures to make way for new tunnels and nests. When carpenter ants break off from their colonies, they become known as a “satellite” colony. The satellite colony will continue living inside the home while the larger colony lives in the close vicinity. The carpenter ant colony is made up of a queen, workers, soldiers, and swarmers, all of which have unique responsibilities. The worker, for example, is responsible for supplying the colony with food and erecting tunnels and nests.

If your home is infested with these pests, it was due to vulnerabilities in its pest barrier. Pest barrier vulnerabilities range from unstable access points near windows and doors to openings near sewage pipes and electrical wiring.

Do Carpenter Ants Carry Diseases?

No, carpenter ant species have not been linked to parasitic infestations or diseases in humans or animals. However, the carpenter ant has been associated with foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella. Carpenter ant foodborne illnesses are generally linked to contaminated food ingested by humans. With an updated food storage system, it is possible to minimize your foodborne illness risk. You can easily take safety to the next level by creating a doable household waste disposal.

How Can I Regain Control Of My Home From Carpenter Ants?

There is only way option when it comes to carpenter ant infestation. This option is extermination, which utilizes pest control pesticides, eco-friendly treatments, and traps. If you break these treatments down a little further, you will find more options, such as organic, chemical-based, non-toxic, fumigation, and natural. There is an option for every consumer, even those with environmental concerns associated with pesticides.

Does DIY Pest Control Work For Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Yes and no, DIY pest control has proven to be effective in fighting carpenter ant infestations. Do-it-yourself pest control utilizes the standard or basic pesticide that can be purchased from big-box, retail, and hardware stores. DIY pest control pesticides have both pros and cons, with the former outweighing the latter. The biggest downside to DIY pest control pesticides is their low potency. OTC pesticides are not nearly as powerful as professional- and commercial-grade pesticides.

Our DIY pest control consists of EPA-approved pesticides. The US Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for regulating the sale and production of pest control products. If DIY pest control is going to work, it will only impact mild carpenter ant infestations.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home?

After you submit your pest inspection request, a customer support representative will initiate processing, which will take between 24 and 48 hours. We can dispatch Each uranium pest content out to your home within 48 hours of the initial request.

Does Carpenter Ant Pesticides Contain Harmful Chemicals?

Chemical-based pesticide formulas do contain harmful chemicals that are minimized with the help of the US Environmental Agency. The federal government entity oversees the production and sale of pesticides, insecticides, and other pest control products. The agency is also is responsible for pesticide guidelines and regulations. With these guidelines and regulations, consumers have options that do not pose health risks to themselves, their children, and members.

What Steps Should I Take To Protect My Home From A Future Carpenter Ant Infestation?

The first step is to request an in-home pest inspection. We offer both free in-home inspections, consultations, and estimates, all of which are available through appointment only. Our in-home pest inspection is crucial for pest identification, extermination, and prevention. We will work with you and every member of the household to ensure they are familiar with carpenter ant infestations.

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