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Lady Bugs

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Understand These Beetles

One thing that many homeowners do not understand is that ladybugs are beetles that belong to the Coccinellidae family. Some people call them lady beetles. Either way, they can grow up to half an inch in some cases with most being orange, red, or yellow. Most of their body parts are black. Today, researchers have identified more than 5,000 species around the world, but 450 are native to the North American continent. Some pests have been classified as pests in Europe and North America. However, a lot of companies and farmers use ladybugs because they’re beneficial for the environment.

They can help get rid of certain pests, including aphids, mealybugs, mites, and scale insects. The Mall of America uses ladybugs to defend its gardens against these pests.

Why Are Ladybugs In My Home?

Ladybugs are in your home because they’re overwintering pests. There was nothing you did that cause the ladybugs to approach your home. Instead, they approached and entered because they needed shelter from the cold weather during the winter months. Thanks to their compact size, ladybugs can slip through the smallest cracks on the exterior walls of your home. Overwintering pests need to shelter during winter to guarantee their survival. Since ladybugs fit into this category, they will attempt to sneak into your home before the cold weather.

Are There Health Risks Associated With Ladybugs?

There is no doubt that household pests are going to make you worried. You’ll worry about your assets, home, and health. However, some pests are dangerous and others are not. Some are destructive, but others won’t hurt your property. Ladybugs aren’t one of the worst in terms of health hazards. The good news is that don’t transmit dangerous diseases, but they can bite. They bite rarely, but it can happen. The biggest issue you’ll face is having to clean up with the mess the ladybugs have left behind.

Eradicating Ladybugs From Your Home

Once ladybugs have found a way to sneak into your home, you’ll need to develop a reliable plan to get rid of them. Ladybug eradication techniques work, but not all of them are equal. Ladybugs do not have nests. Instead, they cluster together on walls and in homes. To eradicate the problem, it is pertinent to individually treat each ladybug. As a result, the problem is harder to deal with. We’re here to help. Our ladybug removal problem can rectify the problem swiftly.

Could I Eradicate The Ladybugs Myself?

Some homeowners will be able to fix the problem on their own, but others won’t. You’ll find that it might not be worth the risk. Although it’ll save you money, the risks are immense. OTC ladybug treatments are sometimes unsafe. If you don’t use them safely, the risks will be high. Instead, protect your loved ones by teaming up with a high-quality professional exterminator.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our ladybug extermination expert. We’ll return your call in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Ladybug Treatment Safe Around Humans & Pets?

Our ladybug treatment is indeed safe for everyone involved We go one step further and make sure that your pets and plants are going to be safe too. Our exterminators are skilled and cautious to limit any risks. We’ll use EPA-registered products to keep our clients protected each step of the way. Work with us and you can fix the problem without experiencing any issues.

Keeping Ladybugs Out Of Your Home

Can you stop ladybugs from entering your home? You might be able to keep some of them out, but some may still enter your home. When you find ladybugs in your home, call us and we’ll get rid of them.

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