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What Are Beetles?

Surely, you have heard the term “beetle” spoken a few times among your family and friends. This is a term scientists utilize to describe a small insect with distinguishing characteristics, such as a hard shell covering the wings, six legs, two antennas, and multiple color variances. As a member of both the Endopterygota (suborder) and Coleoptera (order), the beetle is one of about 400,000 thousand species of insects. The largest Coleoptera species is the “Curculionidae,” better known as the “weevil.”

Beetle sightings are reported throughout Houston each year. The most commonly reported sightings involve the three Coleoptera species – longhorn, ground, and powder post beetles. If you are experiencing a beetle problem, you may as well be prepared for the fight of your life. Beetle infestations are extremely difficult to contain because they are social insects, living and traveling in colonies ranging from small to extra-large.

Why Are Beetles Taking Over My Home?

Beetles spend most of their time in search of food. The diet is comprised of rotting organic material, vegetative plants, fruits, grains, rice, bee pollen, and animal byproduct-stained fabrics. This diet is a bit unique compared to many other insect species. Rarely if ever is there an insect that devours synthetic materials. When beetles are not foraging for food, they are reproducing, erecting nests, and invading vulnerable buildings.

If you detected a beetle sighting in your home, you can guarantee its pest barrier is weak. What is a pest barrier? It is an invisible barrier around the perimeter of a building. A pest barrier is a term utilized to describe how secure a house, commercial building, storage shed, garage, or greenhouse is from insects.

Do Beetles Spread Diseases To Humans Or Animals?

The beetle species has not been associated with diseases or parasites that spread to humans. However, they have been associated with foodborne illnesses like salmonella and E. coli. When it comes to outdoor sightings, beetles tend to be in close proximity to decaying organic material, such as firewood, yard debris, and downed trees.

The beetle is said to have poor vision, but their powerful scent, touch, and hearing make up for the loss. Some beetle species like the ladybug and Japanese beetle spend their winters overwintering, a term utilized to describe a state where insects can survive off of stored fat and nutrients throughout the winter season.

What Do I Need To Get Rid Of Beetles On My Property?

As previously mentioned, beetle infestations can be very complex. This is especially true when most or all of the colony members are involved. It only makes sense, a higher volume of beetle involvement will result in more damage and losses. This is what Houston exterminators refer to as a “severe beetle infestation.”

Some members of the beetle colony will find themselves in a fix when they land inside someone’s home. They become separated from the colony with no other choice but to continue pushing forward. Overwintering pests generally do not invade homes and businesses until late fall. This gives them plenty of time to invade the home, erect nests, and settle down for the winter season.

When beetles get separated from their colony, they become known as “satellite” colonies. The satellite colony is still part of the main colony, only separated by walls, floors, and ceilings. If the colonies survive through the winter, they will reunite when the weather permits.

The best pest control treatment to combat beetle infestations is an insecticide or pesticide. Our diverse selection of pesticides ranges from conventional to organic to eco-friendly to chemical-based.

Are DIY Beetle Pesticides Effective?

DIY beetle pesticides are limited when it comes to moderate and severe infestations. Some victims will turn to these pest control products because they are somewhat affordable, accessible, and convenient. Of course, there is no possible way to determine the outcome in advance. So, your only option is to put it to the test. Amazingly, you immediately began to see improvement. This is the outcome consumers hope to achieve from over-the-counter insecticides. Unfortunately, most consumers do not report satisfactory results, leaving you with a financial loss and feeling like there is nowhere to turn.

We want consumers like you and others to know about our professional beetle management strategy. Our extermination company has been serving Houston residents and businesses for decades. We always recommend initiating the process with a visual in-home inspection, followed by the initial treatment of your choice. Professional-grade pesticides are maximum strength formulas to combat infestations of all severity levels and beetles in all phases of the life cycle.

How Do I Prepare For The Beetle Inspection? When Will The Exterminator Arrive?

We suggest starting with the development of a cleaning schedule that targets suspected areas. This will help prepare your home for inspection, resulting in a speedier income. It may take between 24 to 48 hours to dispatch the exterminator out to your home after you submit your pest inspection request.

Should I Be Concerned About Pesticide Chemical Exposure?

No, this is something you will never need to be concerned about because we refuse to treat a beetle-infested home prior to family evacuation. Furthermore, we give our customers the option of choosing between chemical-based and organic pesticide formulas.

Is Professional Beetle Pest Management Affordable?

When compared to DIY pesticides, professional beetle pest management requires fewer repeat treatments, resulting in a lower payout, in many cases. Unfortunately, too many Houston consumers get caught up in the DIY pesticide movement. They go in head first, hoping to accomplish successful extermination with a single treatment, but fall short. When you consider the endless repeat treatments and cost for each product, it may be possible to save money with one of our professional-grade pest control strategies.

Will My Home Ever Get Back To Normal After A Beetle Infiltration?

Believe it or not, your home and life will turn to normal, but only after receiving a pest-free status from one of our licensed exterminators. From this point, your schedule will gradually return to normal. However, there is the issue of potential repeat beetle inspection, which we can assist with as well.

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