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Occasional Invaders

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Facts About Occasional Invaders

From time to time, a strange pest may enter your home. You’re not sure how they got there and you haven’t seen them before. You know they’re not dangerous, but you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you’ve found yourself in this type of situation, you’re likely dealing with an occasional invader. As the name implies, an occasional invader is a pest that will enter your home occasionally. They might be foraging for food, searching for shelter, or traveling to the other side of your property. Many of these pests will be found in your bathtub, basement, crawlspace, and under your sink.

Although you may experience numerous occasional invaders, the most common can be found in the list below.

Why Have Occasional Invaders Entered My Home?

You may never know why the occasional invader has entered your home, but the pest could be searching your home for food. Others might be searching for water or shelter. The occasional invader may be looking for a way to pass through your property too.

Can Occasional Invaders Make Me Sick?

Are occasional invaders dangerous? It is hard to say that all of them are harmless, but many of them are. Some occasional invaders may pose a health risk to humans, but most do not. Some are beneficial since they can help you get rid of other household pests. Most occasional invaders will not bite humans, feed in your home, or reproduce in your home.

How Can I Eradicate Occasional Invaders?

Work quickly to find a solution to your occasional invader problem. After they’ve found a way to enter your home, getting rid of them is key. Your options are plentiful, but you don’t want to risk your health. The pest is likely harmless. Nevertheless, you should use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that you don’t get bit or stung. Grab your vacuum, turn it on, and use it to grab the occasional invader. Once you’ve done that, you can take it outside. If you’re dealing with a large infestation, don’t wait to contact us. We offer comprehensive occasional invader extermination services.

We’ll help figure out where the pests are sneaking into your home. Then, we’ll formulate a plan to tackle the problem and get rid of them for you.

When Can Your Occasional Invader Extermination Begin?

Contact us when you’re ready to tackle this unique issue. Our occasional invader expert will contact you in 24 to 48 hours.

Are Your Occasional Invader Extermination Services Safe?

Some of our competitors use unsafe solutions to tackle such problems, but we do not. Our team is going to go work hard to protect you and your family members. We use EPA-registered products to guarantee your safety. In addition to that, our highly-skilled pest control experts know how to keep our clients safe. Don’t risk it with a lower quality pest control company. Instead, maintain your peace of mind by choosing us as your residential and commercial pest control company.

Stopping Occasional Invaders From Entering Your Home

Keeping occasional invaders out of your home is wise. However, you may never be able to stop them completely. Use the tips below to protect your home.

  • Make sure that your kitchen remains clean and free of food crumbs.
  • Clean the area where you keep your garbage cans.
  • Clean your garbage clans thoroughly.
  • Deal with any leaks to reduce moisture and humidity.
  • Check all of your bags, boxes, and bags before carrying them inside.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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