Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentWith our conventional bedbug treatments, you can remove small bedbug infestations from your home rapidly. Unfortunately, we have to use pesticides, but we’ll do so cautiously to guarantee that your safety. Scientists and researchers at Purdue University found that exterminators using pesticides to eliminate bedbugs would need to visit a home multiple times. They recommend visiting twice with plenty of time in between the visits.

They believe the exterminator needs to give bedbug eggs plenty of time to hatch. Then, the second pesticide treatment will eliminate adult and baby bedbugs. Our company listens to their guidance and takes it one step furthermore.

  • We’ll visit your home twice to inspect it and treat it for bedbugs
  • During the last visit, we’ll check your home for bedbugs. If we find bugs, we’ll treat the home again.
  • We leave at least two weeks between visits to give bedbug eggs time to hatch.

Although a lot of people do not like pesticides, we take steps to keep you safe. If you want to use our conventional treatments, rest assured knowing we’ll use them cautiously. We use the precise amount of pesticides to eliminate the bugs without posing risks to humans. Contact us today to learn more about our bedbug pesticide treatments.

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