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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

With the amount of attention, bed bugs are getting these days, it is no wonder sightings are up from a year ago. Experts have contributed a significantly higher number of bed bug sightings to public awareness. Houston officials are the driving force behind these bed bug public awareness campaigns. The higher volume of bed bug cases in the United States has doubled if not tripled over the last decade. Will the numbers continue to go up? Houston’s pest control community seems to think so, which is why have already begun filling their arsenal with the top EPA-approved pesticides, insecticides, and conventional, and eco-friendly treatments.

Waking up to the discovery of small red spots on your body is not what Houston residents ever imagined. While it is unfortunate, there is a solution at the end of the rainbow. What is this solution? Nothing other than professional pest management, the actions utilized to depopulate specific insect species.

A Live Bed Bug Sighting – Oh My!

It is difficult enough to go through life knowing you are surrounded by hundreds of rodents, arthropods, and insect species. We become so comfortable in our communities, no thought is given to the possibility of a bed bug encounter. What exactly is a bed bug encounter? It is a chance meeting involving a bed bug and a human or animal, the former in this case.

If only our walls could talk. Surely, you are familiar with this quote, as it has been around for decades. You may be under the impression, your home is pest-free. Well, it may be right down, but what about 15 minutes down the road? Bed bugs surface without a second thought, leaving many stunned and questioning what they actually saw.

The Bed Bug Hitchhiker

The bed bug is not the only pest hitchhiker. The flea, cockroach, rat, stink bug, and beetle are just to name a few. These hitchhikers devote a lot of time in search of a new victim. If you happen to be available, you could very well become a victim.

Once the uninvited bed bug hitchhiker arrives at your home, it will set out in the opposite direction in search of a new hiding place. At this point, the devastation begins.

Why All Bed Bug Sightings Are Of Concern?

The adult female bed bug may not be a “prolific breeder,” but she breeds, nonetheless. One female can generate up to eight eggs in seven days with an adequate food supply. Believe it or not, these parasites fair off better indoors than under the big blue sky. How is this possible? Think about it, the world is filled with insects and rodents. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there are insects lurking nearby.

All bed bug sightings, big and small, warrant concern among Houston residents. The mere fact, one adult female bed bug can produce up to 200 eggs in her lifetime is concerning. Just imagine if all five of the bed bugs you saw were female. Within a week, there could be 40-bed bugs scattered about your home without your knowledge. Even if only half of the eggs survive, you could be facing a full-blown bed bug infestation within the next month or so.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

  • Visual live sightings – While rare, it is possible to detect an adult bed bug with the naked eye
  • Dried bloodstain – Tiny black spots, the size of a pin tip, in feeding areas
  • Dead Skin – Nymphs (babies) shed their top layer of skin before becoming an adult
  • Egg casing – Tan to brown bits and pieces of egg casings on mattresses, carpet, box springs, and upholstery furniture
  • Fecal Material – Tiny black spots the size pin tip can be found in feeding areas
  • Foul odor – The pheromone excretion emits a sweet, musty odor

Conducting A Bed Bug Inspection

A DIY bed bug inspection can play a major role in the pest control industry. During the inspection, you are looking for signs of a bed bug infestation, which could be one or all of the aforementioned signs. The data gathered during the process can be applied to the development of a bed bug treatment strategy.

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