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Bed Bug Cryonite Treatment In Houston

A fairly new bed bug pest control has taken the Houston Metro by storm. Cryonite is a patented treatment that relies on extremely cold temperatures to eradicate bed bugs. Only a few minutes after the initial exposure and the entire colony of bed bugs is eradicated. Never before have Houston exterminators ever witnessed such a sight. Originating from Australia and Europe, Cryonite has finally made its way to the United States and finally Houston.

Cryonite works by releasing a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2). Exterminators across the nation are amazed, so much so, they have taken it upon themselves to deem the CO2 generated by Cryonite “snow.” Cryonite snow has been shown to be effective in eradicating bed bugs, beetles, and cockroaches.

How Does Cryonite Snow Work In The Pest Control Industry?

While not a new pest control treatment, many US exterminators are just now hearing about it. Cryonite snow is such an effective extermination tool because it generates extremely low temperatures, resulting in the death of full bed bug colonies in less than 15 minutes.

Cryonite is stored in pressurized containers and dispensed through a hose and nozzle. Exterminators direct the nozzle tip in the direction of the impacted area, squeeze the trigger, and aim. CO2 often referred to as “dry ice” has the ability to convert to a non-liquid gas.

The treatment can safely be utilized in close proximity to electrical wiring, sewage systems, furniture, and motors. Cryonite snow can safely be applied in human-occupied areas.

Does Cryonite Impact Bed Bug Eggs And Larvae?

Yes, cryonite dry ice is so powerful, it has the ability to eradicate bed bug larvae and eggs. Once applied, the CO2 begins to cool until it reaches negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit, delivering almost-instant results in bed bug infestation.

The high level of effectiveness is also contributed to cryonite’s penetration capability. It can penetrate surfaces, cracks, crevices, fabric, carpet fibers, and upholstery furniture.

Is Cryonite An Environmental-Friendly Pest Control Treatment?

No, cryonite is a non-toxic gas that has a cooling capability shown to be effective for exterminators. Other benefits of cryonite include:

  • Convenient
  • Accessible
  • Effective
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Speedy results

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