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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Are you in awe of a recent bed bug discovery? Some people spend their entire life trying to avoid the parasite knows as the “bed bug.” Unfortunately, there is no possible way to avoid these insects, regardless of the course of action. Houston has been hard by the resurgence of bed bugs. In fact, the City of Houston was featured in the “2018 Top bed Bug Cities” list. Landing in the 17th spot, followed by Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The number one bed bug city went to Baltimore, a US metropacaolis with over 600,000 residents.

Bed bugs are always on the lookout for another human to victimize. Since these insects cannot survive without blood that most often comes from humans, finding a host could be the difference between living and dying. Travelers are some of the hardest hit, which experts contribute to vulnerability and sheer coincidence.

It is unfortunate, but a fact, many travelers do not give a second thought to the possibility of a bed encounter. In most cases, bed bug encounters take place without the victim being aware. Once the bed bug has you in its clinches, it will burrow under the many layers of your clothing. Here, it will stay until you return home from your trip.

A Disappointing Bed Bug Discovery

Bed bug discoveries are not what they are cracked up to be. Those who have never been victimized by these parasites would not understand. A few words to describe a bed bug discovery – heartbreaking, devastating, disappointing, and shocking, all of which will cause the victim much turmoil.

You wake up one morning, and wallah, you have yourself a bed bug problem. You look around, no bed bugs to be found. You should conduct a search, but where in the world would you start?

The outcome will depend partly on knowing where the culprits are hiding. Bed bugs have been found in the tiniest crevice in close proximity to their host. Once you pinpoint each hiding place, you must determine the best course of action from here on out.

Driving Bed Bugs Out Of Their Hiding Places

There are endless measures utilized by exterminators across the globe to drive bed bugs out of their hiding places. Pick two and stick with them to achieve maximum results. A list is provided in the content below to jumpstart your effort.

  • While not a nocturnal insect, the bed bug exhibits nocturnal behavior. One such behavior is night feedings. You may not be comfortable with the idea of sharing your bed with these parasites, it is crucial to keep an open mind
  • Place your bed in the center where bed bugs will not be able to crawl on walls to access it
  • Install CO2 traps to draw bed bugs to specific areas. Homemade CO2 traps can be made by mixing yeast, water, and yeast. The bed bugs will detect the heat and start heading in the direction of the concoction
  • Utilize a steamer to drive bed bugs out of small cracks in walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, toys, and mattresses
  • You can also generate heat utilizing a free-standing ceramic heater. Place the heater in suspicious areas, directing the heat at the potential hiding places. You should not expect instant results with this method since it may take up to 15 minutes just to heat up the area
  • A store-bought CO2 monitor is a great alternative to the homemade CO2 trap. Both offer the same results, one is just handmade while the other is mass-produced in a manufacturing facility.

Combining CO2 Bed Bug Monitors And Glue Traps

To achieve maximum results with the CO2 bed bug monitor, glue traps are a necessity. The traps are a plastic tray filled with a thick adhesive. When the bed bugs try to pass over the adhesive, they will immediately get trapped.

Bed Bug Natural Pheromones

Bed bugs are fascinating insects. Unique deceptive behavior, nocturnal activities, and strong determination makes one want to delve a little deeper into the makings of a bed bug. The larva emits a pheromone that acts as a bed bug deterrent. The pheromone alerts the adult male bed bug that larvae are nearby.

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